Donzii: Penetrate

On the heels of their very good latest album, Fishbowl, Donzii from Miami present the Penetrate EP. The new release is a compact collection featuring fresh tracks, two remixes by close friends Brutus VIII and Mr. TwinSister, and previously unreleased recordings which explore more of the band's no wave origins.

The title track comes with a creative and fun video directed by Trulee Hall.

The band comments: "Penetrate is simultaneously funky and dark, referencing many of our influences at once. As we were crafting the song, we wanted to write something with a chord progression we had never heard before to ensure its originality and perk our ears. The video is an extension of Trulee Hall’s amazing body of work that we feel flows into our aesthetic - chaotic energy that isn’t afraid to poke fun at the hyper-sexual and male dominated world we live in."

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