Osnova: Octavian

In 2018, Los Angeles shoegazers Osnova kicked off things with the initial instrumental concepts created by guitarist Jean-Claude Vorgeack, who began the project following his experiences as a music journalist and DJ. As the band expanded, welcoming drummer Sam Ribeyro and vocalist Caroline McLaughlin into the fold, the project transformed into a fully-formed group. Their self-titled debut EP saw the light of day in the autumn of 2022, marking a significant milestone, while in November of the same year, they stepped onto the live stage for the first time. Osnova have teamed up with the Los Angeles record label Dune Altar to release their new single, Octavian.

This track is a lush and immersive example of shoegaze, evoking comparisons to some of the genre's most revered classics, all while maintaining a vibrant sound which feels entirely contemporary.

"Octavian comes from the perspective of a person who has reached their breaking point," the band describe. "They’ve made the decision to betray someone that they believe has betrayed them. In making this decision, they’ve also convinced themselves that it’s for the greater good, whether that’s true or not."

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