Fulvetta: Disregard

Emerging shoegaze outfit Fulvetta has unveiled their latest single, Disregard, a vibrant, evocative, and atmospheric piece of compelling underground rock. The band characterizes Disregard as "a hazy journey through the minds of those who feel lost, who feel invalid," citing inspiration from acts like Nothing, Trauma Ray, and My Bloody Valentine.

This track immerses with intricate layers of intertwining guitars and synthesizers, shrouding introspective vocals in a contemporary musical environment which evokes both the nostalgic essence of timeless shoegaze and the distinctive, weighty sound synonymous with Fulvetta's previous offerings. 

Rooted in the nineties shoegaze tradition, the song goes through the dreampop tropes before embarking on a robust, grunge-infused finale, characterized by a barrage of searing tremolo guitars and sharp percussion.

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