MX LONELY: Rest In Salt

Rest In Salt marks the debut single from MX LONELY's upcoming SPIT EP, offering a glimpse into the band's bold evolution into the realms of heavy alternative rock and shoegaze. 

The new track is the initial offering from a fully realized project which sees MX LONELY shedding their musical skin and embracing a daring amalgamation of nineties grunge riffs with the allure of shoegaze. With the impending EP, the band fearlessly unfurls their sonic palette, expanding toward hardcore, shoegaze, and alternative influences. 

The band's own Rae Haas comments on the single: “Rest In Salt is about being trapped in purgatory, pure and simple, about being ridden with anxiety and stuck to the couch. It’s that feeling of jealousy for the dead and the tinge of guilt that follows. When you lie so still you think you can almost remember the freedom of being nothing at all.

Ultimately, Rest In Salt finds MX LONELY delivering a dynamic and genre-defying landscape which makes a strong impression.

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