Library Card: Cognitive Dissonance

Rotterdam-based post punk band, Library Card, are gearing up for the release of their debut EP, Nothing Interesting, and they're leaving no room for disregard with their latest single, Cognitive Dissonance. The new track is a fiery three-minute piece, traversing the boundaries of angular post punk and blistering garage rock.

Vocalist Lot van Teylingen delivers an engaging spoken word vocal which effortlessly switches between sardonicism and openness, creating a beautiful dichotomy. Drummer Emre Karayalçin's uncommon rhythms lay the foundation for the band's dynamic sound, while Mitchell Quitz's guitars and Kat Kalkman's driving bass lines add depth. 

Library Card are fresh from supporting OSEES, Sports Team, and Just Mustard, and with their recent material they have proven their ability to blend contrasting elements and deliver a lot of emotionality, setting the stage for their impending EP.

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