Glass Chapel: Foreign Rain

Glass Chapel from Jacksonville, Florida, morphed into a post punk group, a bit after initiating as the personal project of Jake Phillips. Amalgamating the beautiful melodies of synthpop with the gritty resonance of distorted post punk guitars, the band's sound comes with a dark approach which resonates on many levels.

Foreign Rain serves as a reverent tip of the hat to the synthpop exemplars of the eighties, bedecked with intricate layers of synthesizers, mainly crafted using the vintage Roland Alpha Juno. Drawing inspiration from genre luminaries such as Gary Numan, the early works of Ministry, and more contemporary greats like Cold Cave, the song pays homage to illustrious original synthpop era.

Foreign Rain also comes with a creative remix by ISYA which goes on a wholly divergent path, as it blankets the track with a whole lot of distortion and building drums, creating an all around electrifying demeanor.

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