Full of Hell and Nothing: Spend The Grace

Full of Hell and Nothing, two powerhouses in the world of extreme music, have announced a collaborative full length. When No Birds Sang is set to be released on December 1st, 2023, through Closed Casket Activities, and the album's first single, Spend The Grace, has been revealed, offering an unsettling yet purifying experience. 

Both Full of Hell and Nothing deal with the same genre-phobia,” comments Nothing's Domenic 'Nicky' Palermo. “We’ve been called any style you can think of, but we’re both simply intent on making soul crushers.”  “We’re beyond limiting ourselves to a genre,” agrees Full of Hell's Dylan Walker. “There aren’t any rules, but there’s clearly an identity. No matter what Nothing does, I can tell it’s them. We’re meeting in the middle where it’s lush and beautiful, but also sad and ugly if you look closely at it. Out of mutual respect, we just decided to go for it.

Spend The Grace is a rather crushing blend of the sounds which have made both bands disarming in the recent past.

We’ve never done anything like this,” Nicky says. “The contrast is huge as we’re putting two extremes together and making them work. We’re just bridging the gap.

We put the song together as we went through this experience,” Nicky describes Spend The Grace. “The whole record built itself as it moved.

Accompanying Spend The Grace is a visually strong cinematic feature directed by Mike Martinez and Tyler Way. Although quite enigmatic, the video conveys a grabbing and emotional narrative. The directors comment: “In our endless quest to navigate the profound intricacies of reality, we often encounter a significant challenge: the limitations of language. However in those decisive moments, when individuals are confronted with the choice of determining their own paths versus succumbing to external influences, a remarkable opportunity can unfold. Within a fleeting instant, liberation can arise and a being can exist in one world while inhaling the essence of another.

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