Cronies: Rentboy

Cronies are an exciting new band hailing from New York City, bringing a refreshing youthful spin to alternative heavy rock. Their upcoming album, L1V3 S1CK0 L0V3 F3ST, set to release on October 20th, 2023 via Reptilian Records, promises an electrifying experience. 

The album's debut single, Rentboy, showcases the band's knack for uplifting melodies, striking grooves, and manic vocals. With a nod to nineties noise rock and post hardcore, the song comes with an unrelenting energy, and in its own distinct way channels the spirit of Helmet and Rage Against The Machine among other past greats. Cronies' fierce execution on this track is a standout, as the band's all around relentless dynamism is in plain view.

Vocalist Brad Hoyt describes some of his lyrical themes: "Cultural mobilizations against media and ideologies deemed dangerous; all from those who willfully do nothing to protect vulnerable groups against real world violence. Worship for rich politicians and celebrities, often by those who bemoan wealth inequality and social division. Being told from childhood that your country is the global standard of opportunity, by the very figures who benefit to see people suffocating and want you pushed to a state of total immobility. I just wanted to lash out at any of the topically blatant, violent contradictions of American culture."

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