Quits: Abandoned Myths

Quits, coming from Denver, Colorado, skillfully navigates a fine line in their angular noise rock, balancing between nerviness and utter forcefulness. With distressed vocals at the forefront, the band comes across with a powerful instrumental base of hard hitting guitars, distorted bass, and energetic drumming, all collectively ramping up the ferocity to the highest level.

Guitarist and vocalist, Luke Fairchild, comments on the band's new album: "Feeling It is about trying to find one's center in the wake of the pandemic, covering such topics as police misconduct, mass shootings, addiction, isolation."

Abandoned Myths is a grungy noise rocker which incorporates a pronounced post hardcore influence, delivering a massive sound accompanied by a substantial dose of formidable intensity.

Fairchild describes the new single and video: "Abandoned Myths is about a person's obsession and sole ambition in life being based around delusion. The delusion causes depravity. The video plays with the mystery of these larger obsessions that can be self-destructive. It uses layers of abstraction to fuse circuit bent videos, hand drawn animations and digital manipulation with computer vision and video game engines."

Feeling It will is out on Sleeping Giant Glossolalia.

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