MØAA: The One

The One is the newest single and video, part of the upcoming second album, Jaywalker, by MØAA, a dark and engaging project led by Jancy Buffington, based in Seattle. The new release follows the debut album Euphoric Recall from 2021. 

The band, which includes Andrea Volpato, formerly associated with New Candys, is standing out for its sound made up of a compelling blend of energetic synth-driven rhythms, ethereal vocals, and a nocturnal atmosphere. While the new album is unraveling with a bit of a cleaner sound, it still maintains its fascinating pulsating essence.

The increased pulsating and danceable quality of the project's new material aligns well with their artistic direction and songwriting. At the same time, the dark and mysterious atmosphere of their earlier work remains intact and is further elevated to an even more dreamlike and somber level.

Jancy comments: "It's an album that captures those still night moments that rest on the cusp of danger, the midnight missions when you partner up with a friend to roam the streets.

"Flickering fluorescent lights at the gas stations, paraphernalia strewn about the car, moments moving slow and then suddenly changing pace... and the grime. This is where the Jaywalker thrives, in chaos, unpredictability, and in hiding."

Jaywalker comes out on October 13th, 2023 on WWNBB.

Photo by Valerie Ann

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