Precocious Neophyte: From My Tiny Room

Home in the Desert, the very notable debut album by rising shoegaze project, Precocious Neophyte, is gaining renewed attention as it's being remastered by Graveface Records to be released on vinyl. The album explores the desires for a sense of belonging and moments of comfort in the concept of home.

Jeehye Ham, the creative force behind the Precocious Neophyte project, hailing from South Korea, shares thoughts on the album's melodic opening track, From My Tiny Room: "I experienced loneliness and isolation in this country and doubted what I could do. I needed to encourage myself. I had to admit that I'm anonymous and a stranger here. Nonetheless, I believed that someone would listen to my voice, which is weak and small. This is the most positive song on the album.

Band photo courtesy of Noisy Ghost PR

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