Placement: It's Over

Tarntanya/Adelaide's Placement offers a unique twist on post punk and alternative rock, incorporating diverse influences like Sonic Youth, Tropical Fuck Storm, and Drahla. Their latest track, It's Over, explores the theme of endings.

Vocalist Malia Wearn comments on the band's new offering: “It’s Over is a song about ending things that aren’t working. Part of the inspiration came from a horrible phonecall with a customer that left me crying in my cubicle. To make myself feel better and counteract their bad vibes I used the experience for this song. Around the same time I was also reflecting on endings and the freedom brought from taking control of relationships in life that are damaging or unfulfilling and choosing not to continue them. It was something I’d only recently had the courage to do, and it brought such a euphoric feeling of relief and self determination. Experiences where you feel a bit powerless in life are always really powerful to write about in songs, a purging of any bad feelings. So this is a song about the power of ending things, hang up the phone, don’t make the date, take control of your destiny because you know ‘It’s Over’.

Emerging with a gritty mix of guitars and saxophone, It's Over features melodious bass and sax-infused verses which seamlessly transition into infectious guitar and vocal-driven choruses, all filled with the bittersweet excitement of closings.

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