Virgins: s l o w l y, l o n g

Hailing from Belfast, Ireland, shoegaze band, Virgins, make a solid comeback following the success of their debut EP, Transmit a Little Heaven, which was released in October 2022 through Blowtorch Records. Their latest offering comes in the form of a gazey dreampop single with instant appeal. 

s l o w l y, l o n g  signifies the band's first collaborative songwriting venture, where they not only adopt influences from pop-bent melodies, but also incorporate a lot of fuzz and reverb to their sound, resulting in a genre-fusing endeavor.

Working once again with their long-time collaborator Jonny Woods from Wynona Bleach, Virgins continue to build upon the engaging sound which put in place their musical identity by way of their first EP.

Conceptually, the song deals with the concept of unrestrained desire being unleashed. s l o w l y, l o n g finds the band capitalizing on their strengths, finely expanding on their style, and moving forward. The track boasts great richness, impeccable production, and a shimmering quality which persists throughout, showcasing the band's exceptional instrumental and vocal prowess and culminating in a compelling peak.

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