The World At A Glance: Moth

The World At A Glance return with their new album, The Longest Shadow Can Only Recede, out through Crucible, and it's the band's debut for the label. Wrapping up a trilogy of concept albums, the upcoming full length stands out as a definite pinnacle in the band's journey which began back in 2009. Over the years, The World At A Glance have crafted an array of artistic works, including EPs, splits, and even experimental films.

Moth emerges as the atmospheric and poetic prelude to the upcoming album. A gripping piece, the song sees the band exploring the realms of post metal, and is accompanied by a visually striking video which matches the music's mood. The entirety of the album navigates the boundaries between post hardcore, screamo, and an innovative, more intense domain of post metal which is a novel direction for the band.

Beautiful soundscapes meticulously crafted through skillful instrumentation, enriched by profound lyricism and introspective performances, the new material by The World At A Glance create an enthralling listen. The band appears to have reached a state of complete artistic realization, resulting in an immensely compelling work.

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