HALLOWS: I Am Destroyed

HALLOWS have revealed their hard-hitting latest single, I Am Destroyed, along with a grabbing video. The fresh release steers towards an energetic post punk direction, effectively displaying the band's distinctive bass-centric approach. 

On the new song, HALLOWS comment: "Our love for synth-punk and fast-paced dark electronic music inspired us to create this track. By blending these influences with HALLOWS' characteristic romanticism, I Am Destroyed came to life. The song explores the fleeting nature of existence and how quickly life passes us by. It's a reminder that many things we obsess over are ultimately insignificant in the face of impermanence. I Am Destroyed stands out as the most post-punk inspired song on our new record, and we hope you'll play it loud."

The song is built upon a foundation of harmonious synthesizers and powerful vocals, while the accompanying video, featuring Orchid Satellite and Elias Martian, local eccentric artists from LA, showcases them enjoying a beach day and producing what appears to be the quintessence of summer goth aesthetics in a playful and whimsical manner.

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