Ragana: Desolation's Flower

Ragana is a duo which consistently comes up with emotionally impactful dark music in underground extreme metal. The two members switch roles between drums, guitar, and vocals. They joined forces in 2011 within the DIY punk scene of Olympia, WA and are currently based in both Olympia and Oakland, CA. 

Thus far, Ragana have independently released five albums and collaborated with Thou on a split release in 2018. Recently, they signed with The Flenser, and announced Desolation’s Flower, their upcoming first full length for the label.

Desolation’s Flower draws inspiration from numerous sources, including the natural surroundings of the Pacific Northwest, as well as disparate musical styles, like the haunting folk of Mt. Eerie, and experimental metal of Wolves In The Throne Room. Ragana bring together their influences into a distinctive approach to black metal, as showcased in their new material. Their upcoming album, written over a time period full of upheavals, represents the band's most forceful and harrowing work to date.

The album’s opening title track is an introduction to the record's concept and encapsulates the band's spirit. Ragana describe it as “a hymn of gratitude for queer and trans ancestors, known or unknown, by blood or affinity, whose joy and survival make our lives possible, and whose memory inspires and helps us resist the tide of increasingly visible hatred and oppression.

Ragana's sound centers on raw emotions and haunting atmospherics, and frequently transitions from mesmerizing vocal harmonies to edgy screams, resulting in a seamless blend of heaviness and grandeur.

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