D//E Premiere: Dead Leaf Echo: Call

Dead Leaf Echo make a strong and notable return with their latest single, Call, a mesmerizing blend of warm shoegaze, post rock, and psychedelic rock elements, showcasing the band's continuously expanding musical prowess.

Singer LG Galleon describes the new track as “a callous yet determined person’s attempts to wade through agony for a chance at redemption.

With an engaging sense of shoegaze urgency, the track is brimming with melodious appeal, highlighted by the band's heartfelt and impressive performances on both the vocal and instrumental fronts. Call also boasts an excellent production by LG Galleon, mixed by James Aparacio (Spiritualized, Depeche Mode).

Call is part of the much anticipated, The Mercy of Women, the upcoming third album by Dead Leaf Echo, scheduled to come out on vinyl through Lost in Ohio and digitally on Papercup Music.

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