Isoberlinia: Paraline

Enigmatic dreampop duo, Isoberlinia, deliver another track off their anticipated new album, Silhouette Bound, scheduled to come out in its entirety on September 22nd, 2023 via Black Hair Records. Once again, the band emerges with an engaging, genre mixing sound which lifts from the front lines of dreampop and atmospheric electronica.

The sonic character of new track, Paraline, is built upon a groundwork of solid ethereal guitars, propelled by electronic beats which conjure a deep blend of shoegaze and trip-hop sensibilities. Not unlike the dreamlike essence of Isoberlinia's previous material, Paraline is a track which hints at a notable full length release.

Paraline goes into the notion of producing a dreamy circumstance alongside someone, a kind of escapism which holds a grandeur surpassing its true nature.

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