Coltaine: Gorit

German heavy rock band Coltaine have released their latest single, Gorit, a massive piece which stands out with its forceful sound, extensive attributes, and bilingual flair, featuring a memorable chorus sung passionately in Russian. Just like the band's overall enigmatic and versatile musical style which traverses various genres in an artful manner, this track hits hard like an intriguing fusion of genres.

Built upon a foundation of sludgy post metal elements, Gorit maintains its melodious and dynamic nature, leaving a significant impact with its intense emotional properties. The ardent vocals leave the strongest imprint, and the band's instrumental performance is exceptionally cohesive and precise.

Bassist Benedikt Berg comments on the new song: “Gorit was written by us during a very difficult time. We always played the song last on the Tales of Southern Lands tour. However, by now, we also associate positive feelings with the song. Even though the world has still darkened, the many different people we encountered at our concerts in Europe have given us a lot of strength and hope. It is the first song we recorded with Amin Bouzeghaia, who joined Coltaine on the drums during the Summer Death Anthems tour in September 2022.

Photo courtesy of Coltaine

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