Tremours: Dark Glasses

Tremours is a duo based in Los Angeles consisting of Lauren Andino on guitar and vocals, and Glenn Fryatt on drums. The band's journey began in 2020 when Andino started sharing snippets of guitar and Moog compositions online as a way to document experiences during the pandemic. Fryatt stumbled upon these creations, wondered if Lauren would be interested in incorporating drums into the mix, and Tremours came to be.

After the release of their debut EP, Affectations, on Little Cloud Records in 2022, the band has now unveiled their latest single and accompanying video, the rather imposing Dark Glasses.

The song possesses a moody, dark, and nearly ominous quality, establishing a brooding atmosphere through its fantastically crafted instrumentals, haunting vocals, and expressive lyrics, while the video has a stark feel which matches the song excellently.

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