Sculpture Club: Cursed or Hexed

Since the launch of their impressive album, Worth, in 2021, Sculpture Club have undergone notable expansion. With a fresh artistic direction, the band explores a newfound intricacy and sounds downright artful and confident.

Their live performances have garnered abundant and well-deserved praise, with the band having the stage with esteemed acts like Xiu Xiu, The Ocean Blue, Tamaryn, Riki, and Soft Kill.

Sculpture Club deliver their latest single offering, Cursed or Hexed, a part of the two-song release Cursed Single, scheduled to come out in its entirety on September 22nd, 2023, via Born Losers Records. The new track displays a lively and melodic quality as the rising group refines their blend of inspiration from the buoyant fusion of post punk and dreampop which thrived in the eighties, while still retaining the dark and gothic undertones which are consistently evident in their songwriting.

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