Fulvetta: Lampshade

Dublin's Fulvetta showcase a robust and impactful shoegaze style which comfortably aligns with the genre's heavier side, clearly demonstrating their grunge influences. The band's latest single, Lampshade, comes after their 2022 EP, Songbird

With the new track, Fulvetta present a more forceful and intense sound, finely merging grungy riffs with dreamlike soundscapes, bringing forward a forceful emotional contrast, all encircled in a pretty massive wall of sound.

Drawing from an array of elements from nineties alternative, the new song creates a wistful and mesmeric atmosphere, utilizing different aspects of guitar-based indie rock in a very expressive manner.

According to Fulvetta, Lampshade is "a song about pushing people away, as far away as possible. So far away, to protect them, to shield them from the turmoil inside you. But at what point does acceptance come? Acceptance that nothing can be done, acceptance that this is the true you."

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