ILUITEQ: Don't Runaway

Don't Runaway is a new track by ILUITEQ, part of their new remix companion release to their album Reflections from the Road, which was out earlier in 2023. The original album was inspired by Cormac McCarthy's post-apocalyptic novel, The Road, and Reflections Revisited offers a new take on the group's vision, composed of a series of creative remixes, and a couple of outtakes from the recording sessions of the album.

The list of artists participating in these reworks consists of familiar names from the n5MD label such as Ocoeur and Tangent, as well as Italian artist Eraldo Bernocchi, electronic producer from Greece, Miktek, experimental composer Giulio Aldinucci, Berlin-based artist Martina Bertoni, as well as Giuseppe Verticchio under the name NIMH, and Andrea Bellucci, a member of ILUITEQ, experimenting with electronic music under the alias Ithaki.

A fairly dreamy and cinematic track, Don't Runaway, finely brings together texture and melody.

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