Drab Majesty: The Skin And The Glove

The Skin And The Glove is the second single and video reveal off the upcoming EP by Drab Majesty, An Object in Motion, expected to come out on August 25th, 2023, through Dais Records.

In the vein of The Stone Rones and Primal Scream the new track finds the band utilizing spacey jangle pop and adapting it to their own sound, taking the indie Manchester approach to heart, next to a satisfying shoegaze and dreampop style.

The song comes paired to a wonderful video which finely combines the band's brighter, more psychedelic and moodier aspects. Flashing images of far-off locales, including Europe, Canada, Mexico, and even Tasmania, are shown in the clip, weaving together into an intricate pattern of reflections and memories, providing a window into the intimate and sentimental aspects of touring.

With An Object in Motion Drab Majesty seem to be extending toward a shoegaze direction which matches the songwriting and aesthetic perfectly. The outcome is undoubtedly a fascinating one.

Photo by Corinne Schiavone

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