Cuffed: Deceiver

Possessed, the debut single by CUFFED, came from the viewpoint of an individual longing to surrender entirely to the tumultuous underworld of Los Angeles' back alleys and basements, exploring the discoveries which await those who venture into the right corners of a nocturnal realm. Building upon this narrative, the project's new release, Deceiver, goes even farther into the mindset of someone who seeks complete ownership over their physical and spiritual existence.

The project's music extends beyond the boundaries of traditional synthpop, blending moody melodies and great synth work. As a seasoned musician with two decades of experience, Tyler “Fournames” Fortney finds solace in the musical expression of CUFFED, drawing inspiration from the likes of Depeche Mode, Killing Joke, and Sisters of Mercy.

Deceiver is released through the Los Angeles-based record label, DUNE ALTAR.

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