SUMMORE: Magic Pill

Summore, a synthpop duo hailing from central Ohio, consists of Julie Rose on vocals and lyrics, and Justin Rose, who handles the synth and production. The band infuse a lot of sentimentality into their songwriting, and come up with an engaging, dark-bent sound. Magic Pill, the first release from Summore's upcoming second album, New Pain, is a danceable track based on memorable melodicism, complemented by atmospheric synth elements.

"This song is a cathartic expression of self-realization, offering a deeper understanding of the struggles we face," the band comment. 

The lyrics of Magic Pill may initially hint at the use of drugs as a form of escapism, yet, upon closer examination, a more profound message emerges, imbued with emotional intensity. The song's repetitiveness is intentionally created to convey the enduring pain which the duo has experienced.

Julie Rose explains: "The music video was filmed after a devastating accident in September 2022 that profoundly impacted our lives. While grabbing a late-night meal after a show, a drunk driver collided with our parked car, instantly altering the course of our lives. Although recovery has been challenging, both physically and emotionally, we remain thankful for our survival and continue to persevere."

"While there is no actual 'magic pill' to alleviate our sorrows, we believe that love, compassion, and open communication can help us overcome our difficulties and move forward together," adds Justin Rose.

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