mad honey: Fold

New track, Fold, serves as the first single from Oklahoma band Mad Honey's upcoming album, Satellite Aphrodite, set to release on September 22nd, 2023 via Deathwish Inc. and Sunday Drive Records. The song combines a dreamlike shoegaze atmosphere with strong melodies, and is a solid substantiation of the band's potential which they have previously demonstrated through their earlier works.

Tiff of Mad Honey (vocals, guitar) comments on the new song: “Fold is about feeling like you don't have control of your own mind, and trying to surround yourself with the right people to keep you grounded. When I was writing it, I was feeling a lot of anxious energy about what decisions I should be making for my life, and questioning why I cared what people thought about it. I wrote the demo back in late 2021. When we finally started working on the song as a full band it became more anthemic and fun. It was one of the first songs we recorded together, so sonically it set the tone for the album."

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