Friendship Commanders: High Sun

Friendship Commanders release High Sun, another new single and video off their impending album, Mass, co-produced by the band and Kurt Ballou (Converge), and expected out in September 2023.

The visual elements of the accompanying video blend Super 8 film footage with high-quality digital imagery, depicting different time periods and emphasizing the contrast between the past and the present. It was directed by Buick Audra, shot by Jerry Roe and Buck Audra, and edited by Jerry Roe.

Friendship Commanders' Buick Audra reveals: “The video for High Sun was made by shooting parts of the song with a vintage Super 8 camera and then shooting the rest with a high-res digital camera. I wanted the film texture to represent how memory is an imperfect imprint of an experience while still capturing it; memory also decays and ages with time like film. By having the two types of footage, two perspectives are reflected. One bleached by years, and one current, clear, and resilient. But both are valid. In some ways, I'm not who I was when I lived in Massachusetts, and in other ways, I'm exactly who I was. But here are two lenses to look through.

High Sun is an impressive hard rock track which exudes warmth and leaves an unchanging impression. The band showcases their trademark energy and liveliness in their performance, while the song maintains a consistently sharp and powerful sound from start to finish.

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