Velatine: ALL I WANT

Maggie Alley and Loki Lockwood have captured the fluctuating essence of their rising project Velatine through their new album, I Won't Be Civilised. The recent music video for the song All I Want showcases exceptional craftsmanship and creativity, embodying a cinematic quality. Moreover, the track itself demonstrates the band's songwriting ingenuity, leaning towards a more pop-oriented style.

Despite Velatine's initial creative and robust ventures, the band remains in a state of transition, poised to embark on a transformative journey towards something fresh and distinct.

Loki comments on the song's concept and the future of Velatine: "The song is about wanting to find space from everyday pressures so that you can focus on which path in life to take, whether that's a creative or emotional one. Being close to the sea always gives me an ability to find clarity. The focus of the story line as far as the film clip goes, surrounds the singer I've worked with on the Velatine album, I Won't Be Civilised. Her decision to now leave Velatine to pursue her own path of creating her own music is a bold move, so I wanted that strength portrayed in the clip. Velatine will transform via death and rebirth as something new."

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