fairfields: 4pm

After their previous releases strangers and revolver, fairfieds, an emerging shoegaze band hailing from Los Angeles, present their latest offering, 4pm. This third song marks a departure in terms of its overall atmosphere, while simultaneously expanding upon the band's signature moody, guitar-driven sound.

For one more time, fairfieds demonstrate their ability to craft a grasping sonic landscape which encapsulates and widens the band's sound. 4pm is infused with a profound sense of sentimentality and emotion, exhibiting a merging of evocative melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The group's adeptness at eliciting an impassioned response remains steadfast.

The band's description mentions: "The uncertainties of unrequited love that over shadows such desire, another person shares the same sentiments, hoping for a resolve. Spring unfolds a blissful summertime, memories of our winter solstice searing through a longing melody, which was once a forgotten dream."

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