The Empty Page: Big Nasty Palpitations

The Empty Page composed a track depicting the experience of abruptly awakening in the middle of the night, soaked in sweat, with a pounding heart, overwhelmed by anxiety regarding the imminent danger of nuclear warfare. 

Big Nasty Palpitations delves into the apprehension of those driven by greedy thirst for power. The song incorporates elements reminiscent of eighties industrial and gothic pop, while retaining their distinctive knack for melody.

Singer Kel comments on the song: "Everyone I know has paper-thin mental health at the moment. The world is run by terrifying people who have little regard for us powerless humans who are just trying to get on with our lives. I woke up one too many times with the fear and reached for a pen at 3am to get those grim feelings out of my system. We've always been a socially aware band, and the new album definitely has a glittery, dystopian thread running through it that I think is very apparent on this track."

The Empty Page are preparing for the release of their second album in 2023, and Big Nasty Palpitations serves as the album's third single. The track was produced by Morton Kong at Eve Studios, Stockport.

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