Digital Drvgs: Pain X Pleasure

Manuel Luquin, an experienced producer renowned in the electronic dance music scene, has established the new project, Digital Drvgs, which combines darkwave and post punk sounds, resulting in a rather gloomy and enticing musical direction.

After their notable debut single, Bruja, Digital Drvgs continue to stand out with their latest offering, Pain X Pleasure. The new track is pulsating and intense, and showcases the band's deep affinity for coldwave, post punk, and gothic influences.

Completing the trio are Alvaro Luquin and Alex Luquin (Moon Visions). Digital Drvgs have skillfully crafted a sound which pays homage to the past and incorporates contemporary electronic elements. The band mentions inspiration from iconic bands of the genre like Bauhaus and Joy Division, infusing their music with an evocative yet refreshing quality.

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