Salvana: Brandemburgo

Salvana, a band hailing from Barcelona, makes a noteworthy comeback by skillfully blending elements of dreampop, shoegaze, and post rock in their music. Building upon the success of their self-titled debut EP released in April 2022, the group unveils Brandemburgo, a powerful new single and their first offering for 2023.

The band credits Nothing, Cold Gawd, Caspian, Slowdive, and Brutus as the inspirations behind their latest song, which skillfully combines a sense of longing with alluring melodicism, and a tendency for heaviness and expansion in their compositional approach.

"It's a song about feeling that you don't belong to the place you have been living in for a while," Salvana comment on the track. "So you feel you have to leave. It's sad but also euphoric at the same time."

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