Lähdön Aika: Pahansuovat

Lähdön Aika is a post metal group from Finland, with a sound that is all dark, powerful and dynamic. The band draws comparisons to genre pioneers such as Neurosis, Isis, Amenra, and Cult of Luna, and their latest release, Valonaara, is a four-song offering, incredibly heavy and emotionally charged.

Evidently, Lähdön Aika is a highly skilled band which deserves more recognition for their impressive musicianship and attention to detail. The band has crafted a truly exceptional album with Valonaara, which showcases their mastery of imposing instrumental work and expressive, harsh vocals. The album demonstrates a high level of precision and care in the production process, and strikes like a brilliant gem in the post metal realm and heavy music as a whole.

The final track on the album, Pahansuovat, is the longest, most reeling and most intense piece, and exemplifies the band's excessively heavy sound.

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