The Lungs: He Said His Name Was Snakes

He Said His Name Was Snakes is the second single from the upcoming EP, Vein, by punk rockers, The Lungs, scheduled to come out on May 19th, 2023 via Dune Altar.

The new record by the four-piece group comes after their well-received debut, Psychic Tombs from 2020, and based on all sounds and appearances to date, it continues the band's dynamic path of punk rock, high-energy rock 'n' roll, and post hardcore sounds.

The band's own Dylan Howard comments on He Said His Name Was Snakes: "When I first heard this song I began to scribble down words and phrases that seemed to give me connectivity to the music. The ‘Snake Charmer’ phrase came almost immediately. It opened my mind to what the music was telling me. A cautionary tale. A warning shot. That annoying check engine light. That parental advisory sticker. There’s no way of seeing these signs without living through them. First hand experience is the only tell all. Like most people’s journey through life, it starts small and individual worlds are perpetuated by their surroundings. Eventually that moment comes when you begin to realize the larger gears in play that affect both your short term and long term outlook. Beliefs that once were, are now not. Standards once trusted, are now fluid. This is about the bubble pop. A macro look at the current state of trust and truth. A song of caution, a call of self reflection.

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