Ovef Ow: Fauxtography

Ovef Ow formed in the spring of 2015, and gradually built a following in the Chicago indie music scene, coming forth with a sound grounded on new wave, surf pop, noise rock and art punk elements. The band will release their full length debut, Vs. The Worm, on August 25th, 2023 via What's For Breakfast? Records and their own imprint Oort Cloud Records.

Fauxtography is the lead single off the impending full length. According to the band, the song is "about the curated self-narrative on social media; the anxiety of searching for validation and self-worth from whatever we mean when we say 'engagement' today." It's a fast-paced, hard-hitting song based on acerbic lyricism, astute delivery, as well as solid instrumentals built on triangle and no-wave-inspired synths.

The band’s lineup includes Marites Velasquez (bass, vocals), Sarah Braunstein (drums, vocals), Kyla Denham (synth) and Nick Barnett (guitar).

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