Sutras: A Lotus Like Mouth

Ambient music and mindfulness frequently go hand in hand, as the genre's tendency for expansion is often associated with meditative and spiritual qualities. Tristan Welch has provided a series of excellent releases under his own flag over the last few years. Following some personal and spiritual difficulties, the artist reinvents his art as Sutras and unveils new piece, A Lotus Like Mouth.

A Lotus Like Mouth is a mediation on rebirth. It is a profoundly atmospheric, ambient focused track whose progression starts with a new influence in the artist's craft, a slow, pulsating drum which unfolds together with layers of effected guitar, and a sentimental, obscured riff which finally fades into the sound of bells to sum up the meditation.

Sutras' first offering, influenced by Buddhism and Bhakti teachings in which Welch found refuge in 2022, is an absolutely immersive number which finds the artist fully grounded and reanimated.

A Lotus Like Mouth is accompanied by a stark and wonderful live performance video.

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