It Was A Good Dream: Thick Water

Instrumental post rockers, It Was A Good Dream, returned with Rememory, their new album, out on Dunk!Records; an exploration of the influence of memories, and how brief moments and sounds can elicit strong emotions of affection, excitement, and melancholy.

The album's opening track, Thick Water, is a seven-plus-minute journey full of mystery and complexity which simultaneously serves as a straightforward and moving composition, and sets the stage for the convoluted nature of the entire full length.

It Was A Good Dream started out as an artistic practice for longtime colleagues and friends Chris Anthony and Alex Glover, but it rapidly developed into something bigger than either of them had expected. The group is at their most developed, expansive, and ambitious in their most recent work, which lays out an elaborate sound based on both fanciful surrealism and a more pragmatic perspective.

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