AMALA: 宙 (Aeon)

Tokyo-based heavy instrumental band, Amala, release their new EP, 殻・逝・霾・宙 (Shell, Elapse, Haze, Aeon), another fine encapsulation of their fine, progressive-oriented post rock sound. EP closer, 宙 (Aeon), comes with a very well made, very artistic accompanying video created by Chinese artist Hoho Zhou (周褐褐). The entire EP is created based on the artist's video work.

During OVUM's 2018 China tour, Hoho Zhou and the band's own Nori connected, forging a relationship that persisted as the two got back in touch to work on the new EP. 

Nori describes the creative process: "In the process of composing the music, I naturally engaged in a series of dialogues with her, which was truly a great learning experience for me. I felt a deep resonance with her in terms of her attitude toward expression and the way she perceives things, and my respect for her was solidified.

"At first glance, her expressions may seem dark and a bit scary. However, I feel that it is the positive energy that is always contained in them and that’s what attracts me.

"She has a very clear vision of her own expression, and I was really surprised that she could verbalize it so well. The most memorable thing she said was: 'When we are in the light, we cannot feel the light.'

"These words clarified for me how I should perceive her work and what attitude I should take toward this composition."

As the title implies, there are four parts to the video work, with 宙 (Aeon) released as a prime example. All of the sculptures seen in the video are original creations by Hoho Zhou.

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