Sugar Horse: Thrash Music

The acerbic and quite melodic new single, Thrash Music, from the genre mixing, heavy noise rockers, Sugar Horse, has been released through the band's own label, Fat Dracula Records. 

People on once-considered substantial wages now have trouble supporting themselves even as massive profits are being made. Thrash Music is a homage to workers in the UK and around the globe.

The band comment on the video which comes with the song: "This video was recorded in the depths of the night in almost complete silence, apart from the creepy - and slightly depressing - clattering of the feet of small marionettes.

"On seeing the materials I'd acquired to make this masterpiece, my loving partner stated she was no longer sexually attracted any more. While this might be quite the blow to my personal life, I think finding a new passion for low quality puppetry was almost worth the pain."

In an imaginative way, the video effectively conveys the intensity of the song, and the band's committed artistry and performance very well encapsulate the song's serious theme.

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