Down The Lees: Dead and Over

It was intended for Dead and Over to serve as Down the Lees' final song. It is the group's first recording in more than three years, and it flawlessly expresses the unfiltered sadness, discontentment, and tension which have surrounded the world ever since the pandemic first broke out. 

The new song is a touching perception of the difficulties encountered by older female musicians, coming forth with honest and unvarnished lyricism.

In addition to bringing on new band members, Andy Ashley and Chris Carlson, and igniting a rekindled passion for music, the writing and recording of Dead and Over set Laura Schultz on a new course. 

Laura took online drum lessons from Sunny Day Real Estate's William Goldsmith to master the drum parts. The song was largely recorded in the Okanagan Valley, at Laura's house and Andy Ashley's studio, mixed by Raincity Recorders' Jesse Gander (Brutus, Japandroids, White Lung), and mastered by Blake Bickel (Dynamic Sound).

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