Oceanlord: 2340

Oceanlord are an Australian stoner rock trio formed in 2019 with a desire to take on the continent with a storm of riffs. 2340 is part of the band's upcoming debut album, Kingdom Cold, and a presentation of their very dark approach to heavy rock, taking on a very interesting narrative.

The band explain: "The song 2340 is our dirge of treachery named for the hour the Titanic hit the iceberg, written to capture the sense of unreal calm that comes before despair and darkness consumes all.

The track is a commanding six-minute number which overflows with gloom and moodiness, carrying a sound centered on fuzz, heavy bass, and wall of sound guitars. "We follow a captain in the throes of occult ecstasy who sinks his ship and abandons its passengers to the depths." The song is accompanied by a powerful music video that features stunning animation.

Kingdom Cold will be out on May 26th, 2023 via Magnetic Eye Records.

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