Elektrokohle: Vollmond

Berlin is the home of the rising dark band, Elektrokohle. From their first EP-Tape comes the propulsive darkwave track, Vollmond. The three members of the group derive from different parts of the world; Italy, Germany, and Brazil, and came together with the common ambition to create original, menacing music. They refer to their music as 'cold punk,' and take cues from eighties punk, krautrock, noise rock, darkwave, and more experimental sounds.

Mona Manie and G. started the band in 2021 as a duo in an attempt to escape the winter lockdown. They released a DIY demo consisting of two songs which were recorded on an 8-track. Suzan Flag joined the group in the summer of 2022, and began recording their first songs as a trio in the studio in the Fall. Their first EP-Tape was released in February 2023.

The first single and video by Elektrokohle, Vollmond, is bilingual song in German and Italian, and a track which is very expressive of the band's dark ways.

Elektrokohle describe: "As everyone knows, the full moon causes high tides, but it also changes the nocturnal habits of many animals, which feel more exposed to danger. Here the song expresses in both sound and lyric all its malaise, like a tide, thoughts rise and submerge. In a gloomy atmosphere, the song meanders between a clattering guitar and bellsound-like synths, the monotonous rhythm and gloomy bass provide a hypnotic and anxiogenic effect."

Band photo courtesy of Elektrokohle

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