Ass Life: Wipe It (The Shit...From Your Eyes)

Los Angeles punk metal rockers, Ass Life, reveal their new song Wipe It (The Shit...From Your Eyes) which is part of the band's upcoming SELF-TITLED third album.

Wipe It strikes a refined balance between the dramatic punk of the early eighties and the melodic hardcore form which Ass Life were inspired in their formative years, and bands such as Modern Life Is War and Poison The Well. The single's title is a distinct nod to another strong influence for Ass Life, the great Wipers.

Bassist and vocalist Chad Fjerstad's guitar work and melodic weeps match excellently lead vocalist Jason Greenly's nearly rap metal-bent harsh vocal, and together these elements constitute a dramatic song from an often easy going punk group.

Ass Life's SELF-TITLED album will be out on April 20th, 2023.

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