Velatine: I Won't Be Civilised

Longtime Melbourne producer Loki Lockwood and emerging vocalist and songwriter Maggie Alley make up the fresh dark duo Velatine, emerging from the ranks of the Melbourne independent label, Spooky Records.

A strong vision of what Velatine is all about is being established with the release of the new album, I Won't Be Civilised.  Although it's somber, dark-based and has many levels of detail which seem difficult to grasp on first listen, the band's music also exudes hope in a bizarre, yet, enchanting manner. Maggie Alley's voice, runs like a thread throughout everything Velatine has to offer, while the music is also rich on the instrumental front, and makes for an imposing, memorable and compelling listen. 

The music video for the album's moody title track was directed by Mark Bakaitus, who has previously worked with Amyl and the Sniffers, The Fauves, and Spiderbait, and it was captured on film by Manav Lakhiani.

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