Shelf Lives: BITE

Shelf Lives are made up of vocalist Sabrina Di Giulio and guitarist/producer Jonny Hillyard, who are both currently residents of South London but originally come from Toronto, Canada and Northampton, UK, respectively.

The band's acclaimed debut mini-album Yes, offence, which was released in April 2022 on their own Not Sorry Mom Records imprint, was followed by single Skirts & Salads, and now the rather explosive electropunk dynamite, BITE.

New single BITE is the band's most ominous and compelling offering to date, and finds them pushing ahead with their sound, and discovering new methods to be thoroughly expressive. BITE was written in part about the never-ending task of 'doing the work' on yourself and features an imploding guitar line, battering chorus, and memorable verses.

It's about the battle between your awake spiritual brain that is trying its best to be a better person and to let go of its pride, and catching yourself going back to that angry monkey brain,” the band describe. “That’s why it’s called BITE, because it’s the most primitive thing we can do when we feel scared.

The song's accompanying video is crude and unpolished, much like the song's identity. Shelf Lives explain: "The idea of having a modern day man losing his mind in the woods to temptation seemed the most fitting, as temptation is what brings us closer to that monkey part of our brain, and our modern mind is what pulls us away."

Band photo by Derek Bremner

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