T. G. Shand: Fatwood

T. G. Shand's latest song, Fatwood, was written over a few weeks at the start of the New Zealand summer, and started out as a joke song before developing into a clever composition which achieved its potential. The track was created after a fire starter a friend had made for her.

The song features T. G. Shand's distinctive songwriting prowess and is essentially founded on a dreampop base with plenty of psychedelic pop elements.

The artist comments on the new single: "I was trying to work on the EP tracks, but had this beat in my head after a very happy weekend. Had some pretty lame lyrics I was humming over it, and then my friend made me a fire starter(!). And there were all these words like 'FATWOOD' and 'firesteel' and 'ferro rod'. At some point summer got a bit weird, and I got ragey enough to finish that outtro through gritted teeth. So it just became this angry play on fire starter words... lol. It's a bit chaotic but hey I think it suits it, and I'm quite proud of the beat."

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