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Australian synthpop musician, Seja, returns with another example off her impending album, Here Is One I Know You Know, expected to come out in 2023. Home is a dreamy track themed on the pleasures of home. Through it, Seja keeps exploring multiple and interrelated forms of electronic expression.

Home lands somewhere between an uplifting sound, an experimental approach, and a completely ethereal one.

In regard to the new single, Seja states: “I'm always trying to channel Giorgio Moroder and Neu! , but I think I end up sounding more like Enya. This song is maybe somewhere in between the three. 

Even though I wrote this in the thick of the pandemic, I really didn't set out to write a lockdown song. I see it rather more as a love letter to my comforts and enjoying this time in my life; when I take more pleasure in being inside than being out partying or socialising. I feel like it would have been written the same way without the pandemic. 

I was also really loving putting everything I own through the Roland Space Echo and then playing that as almost a new instrument, creating new dynamics and textures. I wrote the song on synths along to a drum machine initially, and then it really came together when George Browning (Velociraptor) played live drums over it. The relationship between sequenced sweeping electronic instruments and real drums is one of my favourite things, so it was very exciting when he started playing along to the swinging running SH-7 bassline. Georgia Mooney's (All Our Exes Live In Texes) backing vocals sprinkled magic into the mix.” 

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