Spitting Image: Black Box

Spitting Image, a group of abrasive punks from Reno, Nevada, release their debut album, Full Sun, on February 3rd, 2023, after touring widely and consistently in the US, and having released a few solid singles.

With their perception of culture obtained from growing up in crowded lines of small record shops, scores of sci-fi and horror flicks, noise rock and hardcore punk shows, and the blowback of the 2007 financial collapse, Spitting Image came together in the underground DIY music scene of Reno in 2012. The group was very well received in the underground press for their early releases on Casino Trash Records, and supported acts like Ceremony, Shannon & The Clams, Sheer Mag, VR Sex, Iceage, Surf Curse, Spiritual Cramp, and others.

The band's perfectly balanced fusion of noise rock grit, punk fury, and hardcore tenacity is on display in Black Box, one of the new album's most relentless, direct, and concise songs.

Full Sun is out now digitally through Slovenly Recordings, while on March 24th, 2023 the vinyl and cassette will be available.

Spitting Image are Austin Pratt (vocals), Julian Jacobs (guitar), Jack Scribner (bass), Donovan Williams (drums).

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