Jon Hood: Ocean

After the release of their well received debut album Body Semantics in 2017, Swiss band, Jon Hood return with Ocean, an expressive illustration of their artistry, engaging on both the visual and the musical fronts. 

Going through various moods and styles, ranging from wistful dreampop to expansive psychedelia and motorik krautrock, Ocean is a beautiful and engaging journey, coming together with a video of analogously stimulating properties.

The song is propelled by a dense instrumental profile and excellent production, further highlighting vocalist Joan Seiler's words, which arrive in both spoken-word enchantment, and mellow, tuneful dreaminess, and become underlined by backing resonances delivered by Costa Rican musician, Sonya Carmona.

The song's opening line, "I can hear the ocean in your name," is a simple reminder that, while the world can feel systematic and alienating at times, there is still place for fantasy and rich sensory opportunities. This concept is also evidenced in Eliane Bertschi's music video, in which performer Lara Dâmaso shifts between a green screen studio and differing animated fictional worlds created by Joerg Hurschler.

Jon Hood are Joan Seiler, Martin Schenker, David Hänni and Mario Hänni.

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